Friday, June 4, 2010

Toonin the HI

A last minute trip came together and by 2:00 p.m. on Friday we set out from the boat launch in Rob's Toon. It started out slow.  But after about 30 minutes, Ted's Stone fly started producing for me.  Soon Rob got a couple, and just below Snake Island, MP3 found the right combination and dialed in on a handful of nice bows.  We all caught bows that were in excess of 12 inches.  The quality of fish on the HI has improved drastically from a year ago. I lost one that was at least 15 inches, and MP3 lost one that size as well.  MP3 jumped out at Big Bend....

Below the "stairsteps" we dropped anchor and waited for the sulfur hatch. Although the hatch was a little disappointing, the fish were quite active and Rob and I both landed numerous bows on a dry sulfur. Another 1/4 mile down we found a nice run and landed a couple of more bows on sulfurs. 

It was now getting close to dark.  I had been wanting a brown trout, and as I was navigating the toon through a fast run, Rob declared he had caught a brown.  I did not believe him.  I dropped the oars to have a close look at the fish.  Upon confirming that it was indeed a brown trout, we were suddenly slammed against a large overhanging tree.  My rod hung up in the tree and the anchor didn't hold.  I have a five piece rod, and three of the pieces hung up in the tree while we floated about another 50 feet downriver.  I was now holding the reel and 2/5 of my rod, when we hit another tree. Rob jumped on the oars and tried to get out of the current. Now, I had three pieces of my rod 50 feet upstream, and my line hung on yet another tree as Rob tried to row against the current to get to the rest of my rod.  Rod was able to get the boat back to the original tree and two of the pieces of my rod fell into the water.  We retrieved those pieces, but we were back downstream.  Rob got us back up stream, but we couldn't find the tip. I was a little disappointed, but a good rod equals a good warranty, and I had brought my backup.  I tied on a gigantic streamer and started chucking with abandon.  It was getting dark and I still wanted a brown.  Surprisingly, the rainbows took a liking to the streamer and I managed another 4-5 on the rather absurd fly - no browns.  We dropped anchor right below the last rapids hoping for a brown; instead, we ended up with a lost anchor!  Despite the lost anchor and the ornamental fly rod tip now decorating the river, it was a great trip. Thanks Rob! /s/ The Gubna

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