Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doc & Gubna on the HI

The Gubna and I met at 7am in front of the Reliance Fly Shop. A strong cell had passed through the area last night and the forecast was for more thunderstorms today. TVA was scheduled to pulse 1 generator starting at 7 and then ending at 8am. We were a few miles downstream and the Gubna said we had time to get into position before the water coming downstream would make it more difficult.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hazel Creek and Bone Valley

It is a sunny friday afternoon. Mayflies are hatching and fish are rising on Bone Valley Creek in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Patrick, Eric, and I met at the WalMart parking lot at 5:15am that morning to embark on a weekend fly fishing trip to Bone Valley backcountry campsite 83, which is a major tributary to Hazel Creek. We caught the 9am shuttle from Fontana Village Marina, then hiked 6 miles upstream along Hazel Creek until we arrived at site 83.