Friday, December 30, 2011

Another great new publication...southern style.

Check yoself before u wreck yoself......

High and Low on the Toccoa

As 2011 comes to a close I managed to sneak off by myself for some alone time, which happened to involve swinging flies. Almost all the tailwaters were pushing max water except the Toccoa. I had fond memories of my last trip with the Gubna back in September. There was also the Upper Toccoa DH as an option.

Monday, December 26, 2011

They Call it "Fishing" for a Reason

This is normally my favorite time of year for fishing: small crowds, cold weather, decent river flow, clear streams, and a requirement of decent angling skills when the fish are hunkered down.  Unfortunately, after a stellar month in November, I have had the worst month of fishing that I can ever remember.  December has been brutal! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Mighty D

I went with the wife to Asheville, North Carolina for a couple of days of rest and relaxation.  Of course, I managed to find a few hours to try my luck at the Davidson River.  As expected, it was difficult.  I managed only one rainbow, and a number of missed fish.  It was crowded at the trophy section, but not quite as bad as I expected.  Nevertheless, the crowds are a little much and certainly diminish the experience to a certain extent.  The fishing on the Davidson is very technical.  Every angler was using "bobbers" and micro midges.  With the exception of one individual who seemed to have the right spot and the right set-up, there were very few people catching fish.  It was tough, but I'll be back.  My skills are in dire need of improvement.