Monday, March 24, 2014

A few minutes on Gore and Eagle

I got a yardpass for a few hours of fishing on our recent trip to Colorado.  I didn't think I'd have much luck considering the weather and the reports of tough fishing on Gore creek, but I managed to stick a couple of nice fish, including this beautiful brown:
 The next day the wife agreed to ride the city bus down to a spot on Eagle River and let me fish for  a few minutes.  The weather was outstanding.
 I waded my way upstream and found a great run.  I caught a couple, but had and missed a number of very large fish.  The water was clear on both days, so I spent all of my time site fishing.  On the Eagle, I had on a 20 plus inch fish, and just couldn't keep him on the line.  I had a number of 16 plus inch trout chase my streamer, but couldn't get solid hook-ups.  I could have spent days fishing, but I knew the wife was ready to go, and this was an anniversary trip, so I had to put the flyrod away.  Until another time....