Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doc & Gubna on the HI

The Gubna and I met at 7am in front of the Reliance Fly Shop. A strong cell had passed through the area last night and the forecast was for more thunderstorms today. TVA was scheduled to pulse 1 generator starting at 7 and then ending at 8am. We were a few miles downstream and the Gubna said we had time to get into position before the water coming downstream would make it more difficult.

This was my first time fishing the HI. It is a storied river, but in the last few years the fishing has waned a bit. There are lots of debates about the reasons why, but without a doubt the number one issue is consistant cold water. From that standpoint I was happy to see TVA pulsing throughout the day. If they can manage to do that through the dog days of summer I think the river could regain some of its former glory. This is a majesticly scenic place to cast a fly rod. Its also the most difficult river I have ever waded. The bottom of the river is layers of jagged rocks with crevices and holes. It is not a place to go by yourself if your unfamilar with.....especially when they are pushing water. The Gubna has waded when they are running 2 generators. I'm not from Alaska.
We had a great day of fishing. I caught 4 and LDR 4-5 in 3 hours of fishing, with my best to hand a 12 inch Rainbow. The Gubna slayed fish all day. I think he brought 15 fish to hand, not including the hornyhead, with his best fish a 14 inch Rainbow. He also caught a really nice fat Brown that was 12-13 inches. The fly of the day was a Ted's Stonefly.  I'm going to ties some more of those bad boys up because they were going nuts for them.  /s/ Doc

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