Friday, November 21, 2014

Blue Ridge Trip - Day 1

The Rod met me in Blue Ridge on Friday morning. We had his 3 man toon, but with only two of us, we figured why not pick up another solo toon and float down the upper toccoa. I made a gross miscalculation in distance and drove over five miles above the DH section of the upper toccoa. We put in around 12:30 and after four hours we finally reached the DH. There was little sign of trout during our float, and we realized rather quickly that we were burning daylight. When we finaly reached the DH we discovered there was some sort of fly fishing competition taking place. As a result, every good run was occupied on the DH. It didn't really matter because it was getting cold and dark. I fished for a few minutes and picked up a small bow. We packed up the toons. Although we did very little fishing, it was actually quite a bit of fun rowing the toons during the 7 mile float and along the way, telling each other lies. We went downtown for a good ribeye. A good day on the water, regardless of the fishing, capped off by some whisky, beer, and a good steak - doesn't get much better!