Monday, August 18, 2014

Upper Toccoa

I had about an hour to fish Friday late-afternoon. The closest place was the upper toccoa. I decided that if nothing else I could at least throw some line. I rigged up my 6 weight with a large rubber legs fly I had picked up in Montana and started stripping it like a big streamer.  Within a few minutes I missed a fish, which kind of surprised me.  I didn't think there would be any fish this time of year in the lower reaches of upper toccoa - it's usually too warm. I managed a 1/2 dozen bows in the hour of fishing.  Nothing big . . . . 10-12 inch bows, with at least one that looked like a wild fish. I saw a lot of fingerlings swimming around, which was surprising. I guess the relatively cool summer has managed to keep a few of these trout alive. Should make for a great Fall!