Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rough Month

It's been a rough month for The Crew.  I went with Doc to the Elk twice, and we came away with less than 10 fish total between us over the course of the two trips.  The Elk is full of fish, but we couldn't determine what they were eating; other than worms.  Bait fishermen had their stringers full.  I think fine long tippet and size 20 or smaller flies is probably the ticket on the Elk right now.  We didn't have the right tools for the job.  I fished the HI for just a few minutes this week and caught a couple of small browns, but not a lot of activity.  Rob took a group of 3 people on a float down the HI a few weeks ago and the fishing was awful - about 6 fish total.  I hear the Tellico has been difficult as well.  And finally, the Toccoa has apparently been wiped out by the dam draw-down and high temps.  Hopefully rain and some cooler weather will arrive shortly so we can enjoy some good fishing.  The only quality fishing I've had this summer has been on wild streams at high elevation.  I think that trend will probably continue for the next few months.  Brown trout are apparently taking over a lot of mountain streams in North Georgia, and this offers some exciting possibilities.  DH in the area has started or will start, so those will be good options as well. 

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