Friday, July 2, 2010

Southeast Alaska on the Fly - Day Two

A 25 mile boat ride to a relatively inaccessible river with my Dad and Ken Duckett.  Mr. Duckett likes trout for breakfast so we kept a few, and he ended up catching arguably the largest fish.  My Dad and Mr. Duckett brought spinning rods just in case the fishing was tough.  Turns out, the spinning rods never touched the water.  My dad caught the rich colored bow pictured above on my 3 weight rod.  He didn't have waders, so I put him on a spot where I thought he could wade with his knee high boots and I went further upstream.  I worked my way down stream about an hour later and saw him waist deep in water fighting a fish for about 10 minutes.  I had tied on a size 12 parachute Adams for him.  Sure enough, my dad caught a 15 plus inch bow on the 3 weight.  He had ditched the boots and was wading barefoot up to his waist in long johns.  I was shocked, but my dad acted like it wasn't a big deal - he wasn't even cold despite being soaked and the 50 degree temperatures.
I caught a couple of 14-15 inch bows - real fighters.  Saw some that were 20 plus inches.  Then I got into some cutthroats.  I didn't even realize what they were until about a handful later I noticed the red slashes under the chin.  I ended up with over 20 bows and cutts in about 1.5 hours of fishing.  My Dad and Mr. Duckett had a great day as well. A heck of a day! /s/ The Gubna!