Monday, July 10, 2017

Pheasant Tail - quick tie with variations - Point Fly

I got to my cabin this weekend in Blue Ridge, and realized I forgot all of my fishing gear, with the exception of a reel and a rod I keep at the cabin.  I did, however, have my fly tying material, so I decided to tie up a couple of flies for a quick outing on Noontootla.  I knew the water would be stained and the flow a little heavy with the rain.  In those type of conditions, I've found you don't need to go too small, but you need to get your flies down.  The following is what I used and tied, and yes, I caught fish:

 I used pheasant tail natural for the tail, and body, some old peacock herls for the thorax, and on two of the flies, a brown partridge for the hackle.