Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sage Warranty - two thumbs up!

I mentioned in a prior post that while I was in Yellowstone my Sage Z-axis 6 weight endured a damaged guide.  I decided to bite the bullet and send it in for repair.  The warranty process through Sage works quite well. You make your claim online, pay them some money on a credit card, and then a shipping label is generated for the rod to be mailed via FedEx. I think the total charge was around $60.  Once your rod is received by Sage you receive an email confirming same.  It ended up taking about 4-6 weeks to get my rod back.  I was thinking that perhaps I had made a mistake in spending that much money to fix a bent guide, but when I took the rod out of the package, I was quite pleased. The rod looked brand new.  I double checked the serial number, and it was the same rod.  Not only did they fix the guide, it appears they either replaced or refinished the cork handle, as well as the wood insert and the reel seat.  I was extremely impressed.  I guess you pay a little more for quality, and it's worth the cost.  Kudos to Sage!