Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fire in the a.m., Gibbon in the evening

We fished the firehole in the morning.  The fishing was not as good as last year, but we all still managed a few trout - a good mix of browns and bows. The weather was crazy. It got cold and looked like it was about to snow. We then headed to the Gibbon for the afternoon.  I went with John and fished the lower meadow stretch. Our leader and LL went up towards the falls.  I tied on ugly bugger and landed a nice brown on the first cast. We then worked our way down stream throwing meat in the deep bends.  John hooked a nice one and brought it to hand -  a solid 18-20 inch rainbow - probably a run-up fish from the lake. A few minutes later I high sticked a bugger in a deep pool as I was standing on the shore and landed the nice brown shown below. We were cold but happy!