Friday, December 6, 2013

Costa Sunglasses - My experience

My mom always told me, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."  I do my best to follow that rule, but I'm breaking the rule today.  I've owned 4 pairs of Costa sunglasses.  Costa is a company with a great reputation.  Their products are not cheap. When I fork over $150-200 for a pair of shades, I have high expectations.  As you can see from the following, I've had horrible luck with my Costa Sunglasses.

The first Costa sunglasses I purchased I ended up returning the next day because they were too tight.   No problem, I traded them for a different pair.  The 2nd pair were too heavy for fishing, so I ended up using those for driving.   I purchased my third pair of Costa Sunglasses in anticipation of a trip to Alaska.  They were amazing, but just my luck, I lost them while fishing a few weeks after purchase.  When I got back from my trip to Alaska, I accidentally dropped my remaining pair of Costa's, causing a crack on the glass.  I contacted Costa, and after shipping the glasses for repair, and a long delay in hearing anything, I was finally contacted and told the glasses could not be fixed, but I could get a small discount on a replacement.  I was not happy with this response.  After some emails were exchanged, I was provided with a little better discount, and my replacement glasses arrived.
The replacement glasses stayed in my car, and received very little use because they were once again too heavy for fishing.  After rarely using the glasses, I took them out of the case the other day and upon putting them on noticed that a screw holding the frame together had backed out.  I went to the Costa website to remind myself of the warranty process:  I have to send them in with a check for $11.95, and then wait and find out if the glasses can be fixed.   No thanks.
 I have an inexpensive pair of Native sunglasses that have lasted two years without a single problem.  No more Costa's for me.