Wednesday, April 17, 2013

G. Loomis Native Run GLX 8 weight

About a year ago I purchased a G. Loomis NativeRun GLX 8 weight.  The Rod is 9'6", 4 piece.  I use a Lamson Waterworks Litespeed Reel, that seems to balance things out pretty good.  My first trip with the rod left me disappointed.  I purchased fly line that is about 3/4 of the length of a regular line, and then it has loop to loop attachment heads that either float or sink.  Without giving it any thought, I rigged up a big streamer trying to catch Coho salmon in Alaska the first time I ever used the rod.  I felt like I had never been fishing before.  I was throwing line about 20-30 feet, and struggling to get the fly any further than 40-50 feet.  I kept thinking it was the wind, but with the rod I was using, the wind shouldn't have been an issue.  The next day I realized my mistake: I had forgotten to select my shooting head attachment.  It was the equivalent of trying to cast 4 weight line with my 8 weight. Upon realizing my mistake, I soon began to enjoy this rod.  After a few trips, I was able to chuck huge articulated streamers into the wind 60-70 feet without any difficulty.  This rod is a real beast. I have used a Redington 8 weight, a Winston Boron 8 weight, and a Helios 8 weight, and none compare in terms of chucking big bugs into the wind with distance and accuracy.  The Loomis doesn't seem as sensitive as the other rods at close distance, and for whatever reason, I can't seem to roll cast it all that well, but if you have room, and need to get some distance with accuracy, this rod is as good as any I've used.  My only complaint about the rod is that it will really wear you out after a day of fishing.  However, I think that's true of any large rod that is used to constantly pound the banks with huge flies on sink tip line. 

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