Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scout Trip

My wife and I celebrated our anniversary by staying at a B&B in the North Georgia Mountains.  Obviously, I couldn't run off and go fish all day, but I did manage to take a quick drive over to the Toccoa DH for a few minutes of fishing.  I also got my line wet for a couple of minutes on Mountain Town Creek.  I hit the Toccoa for less than an hour on Friday. The weather was beautiful, but cold.  I only saw one other person fly fishing while I was there.  I didn't want to mess around with standard stockers, so I tied an articulated on my 8 weight and started throwing meat.  I got a good laugh because as soon as I started chuckin, the fish started duckin!  I saw fish after fish scatter as my fly was soaring overhead.  I didn't see anything big. I managed to trick a few stockers, but nothing big.  The next day I took the short 15 minute drive to Mountaintown Creek to check out the stream.  There was nobody there.  The water level was good, but I think the bait chuckers have cleaned that stream out (at least where I was fishing).  I managed to hook up with one fish, but that was it.  I tend to think public access fishing on Mountaintown is a lost cause absent some reasonable manner of getting above Hill Lake.