Thursday, September 15, 2011

August - a bad month for trout fishing in the South

I haven't posted a report since my trip to Alaska.  Truth be told, there has been very little fishing since that time.  I fished the Elk with Doc for about an hour one afternoon in August, catching a few fish, but the fishing was so poor that we packed it in after an hour and hit a local bar to cool off.  I went up to Gee Creek for a few minutes with my son, but other than stream chubs, trout were not to be seen.  And finally, I made another scouting trip to the Jacks with Brown Trout Zilen and my son, only to be told by the land owners located at the headwaters that the water was all private property.  Apparently, at least one of the landowners feeds the fish and considers said fish to be his pets.  That was a little frustrating.  September is now here.  Cooler temps and more rain should equal more enjoyable fishing opportunities.  First on the list is the Toccoa, hopefully tomorrow afternoon.  A trip report to follow.