Friday, April 21, 2017

Great Day on the Caney Fork with David Knapp

 I owed Rob a float trip, so I booked one with David Knapp for April 14, 2017. I have been on about 5 guided trips in the past, and frankly, was always a little disappointed.  This trip would be different.  We started out with one generator, and David tied on a shad streamer pattern - within a few casts, I thought I had hooked bottom. Much to my surprise, the first fish of the day was this nice 17 inch bow.
We worked our way up to the discharge spot, and the fishing was good. Within about an hour of the float I had caught a good number of fish, including browns, bows, a brookie, and a skipjack.  We then worked our way down stream. Although we didn't hook into any pigs, the average fish was probably in the 14-15 inch range.  Rob had a slow day to begin with, but after lunch, he got into some nice fish, including the beautiful brown pictured at the top of the page.
I will definitely float with David again. He is not only a skilled angler and a good teacher, but more than anything, he has a genuine passion and enthusiasm for fly fishing.  He was always just as excited as we were when we caught a nice fish or had a good follow.  Thanks David!

Monday, February 27, 2017

SoHo and Watauga

Day 1: I left Chattanooga early Friday morning and made my way to Elizabethton, TN.  I met up with John and Brad at a city park, and we rigged up to fish the Watauga River. I had fished the Watauga once before a number of years ago and got skunked.  I rigged up the 4 weight 10 foot rod, and put on a couple of small nymphs.  I picked out a nice run and landed 4 nice bows within about 30 minutes. I then moved down stream quite a ways.  Nothing going down there.  After a couple of hours, it was time to go.  John had a slow day, but landed a 17 inch bow.  Brad had done well - catching a large number of rainbows.  We then went to our cabin on the SoHo - we fished the slow water for a few minutes, but couldn't get any action.
Day 2: John and Brad fished the Soho for a few hours in the morning.  "Roaster JAD" formerly known as "Doc" had arrived Friday evening with a new boat. After some debate, and despite no flowing water, we decided to try to float it down the South Holston.  I tried small flies to begin with, and then switched to a huge circus peanut I had tied.  I immediately got a chase from a big brown. I continued fishing the big fly for a little while, and got a few more follows, but no hook-ups.  We had fun, but it was a tough float without any water.  John and Brad had caught a few; though it was slow-going for them as well.

Day 3:  It was cold Sunday morning - our floating options were basically non-existent, so we hit the Watauga in Elizabethton for a few hours of fishing.  I had tied up two flies Sunday morning - a small purple midge, and a small frenchie.  The frenchie caught 3 bows rather quickly, but then the action slowed down.  JAD broke his rod right when he started - it wasn't looking good. We switched locations and again it was tough fishing.  I managed to catch a nice bow right before we left.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Toccoa DH

A little slow, but managed to catch a few on some new flies.  The fish were stacked up at the stocking points, which I avoided simply as a matter of principle!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

You Know the Deal - The Bugger Barn

I got The Bugger Barn for Christmas - this fly fox is huge.  I spent a few days at the vise, and still don't even have the thing half full!