Monday, August 18, 2014

Upper Toccoa

I had about an hour to fish Friday late-afternoon. The closest place was the upper toccoa. I decided that if nothing else I could at least throw some line. I rigged up my 6 weight with a large rubber legs fly I had picked up in Montana and started stripping it like a big streamer.  Within a few minutes I missed a fish, which kind of surprised me.  I didn't think there would be any fish this time of year in the lower reaches of upper toccoa - it's usually too warm. I managed a 1/2 dozen bows in the hour of fishing.  Nothing big . . . . 10-12 inch bows, with at least one that looked like a wild fish. I saw a lot of fingerlings swimming around, which was surprising. I guess the relatively cool summer has managed to keep a few of these trout alive. Should make for a great Fall!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lamson Guru: Review

Before I went to Yellowstone I was in a local fly shop looking for a few last minute supplies.  I had been using a small arbor Orvis reel on my 10 foot 4 weight.   I asked the guy working the shop if he had any good deals on a reel that he would recommend for my rod. He showed me a Lamson Guru Special Edition Black.  The reel looked perfect and I couldn't resist.  I own two other Lamson reels, so I knew I would be getting a quality reel. I put the reel to extensive use in Yellowstone.  Although the Guru is the cheapest of the Lamson reels that I use, it is now my favorite.  The reel provides excellent balance on the 10 foot 4 weight rod.  The retrieval speed is good, and the best part, it seems to spool perfectly on the retrieve.  I've had issues with almost every other reel that I've owned with the line spooling unevenly. With the Guru, I've yet to have a problem.  A great product at a great price! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Travel Fly Fishing Bag: Review

If you fly fish, you know that it can be expensive.  It doesn't have to be, but for some reason it is.  And going on a trip seems to be an excuse to buy things you really don't need.  My trip to Yellowstone proved to be one of those trips.  The actual trip was inexpensive, but of course, I had to get a new reel and something to safely transport my gear for the flight.  I spent weeks trying to find a solution.  Naturally, there are options that don't require much cost.  You can carry your rods and reels on the flight, and put your gear in a regular suitcase or duffel bag.  I've done it that way for years. Still, I wanted something specific for this trip and future trips.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chucking meat on the Gibbon

Armed with a Zoo Cougar, the guys dropped me off on the lower Gibbon River.  I rigged up my 6 weight and started chucking meat. I immediately had a huge bow chase the meat from under the bank, but he turned at the last minute.  After a few more chase and rejections, a few hungry meat eaters came out for dinner!

Firehole River - Fountain Flats: Redemption

 We returned to Fountain Flats, which had skunked me a few nights prior.  This time I decided to head down river and change my tactics - no more messing around with dry flies!  I got to a big bend and saw the above bird chilling on the bank.  I arrived at the confluence of Nez Perce Creek and started with a caddis bh emerger.  I caught a couple of nice fish.  I moved a little down stream and decided to high stick and dead drift a size 14 lighting bug: I managed to catch more than a dozen fish in about an hour, including a bow over 12 inches and a couple of nice browns. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Madison River - $3 Bridge

We fished the Madison at $3 bridge for a few hours on June 26th and 27th.  The first evening I headed downstream on the far bank all the way down to the private property.  The wading was very tough: slippery rocks, heavy water, and lots of wind. Unfortunately, I didn't change my leader when I started - I had an old leader tied down to 6X tippet with a big girdle bug.  I paid the price for not paying attention to details. I hooked into a very large bow - probably 21 inches.  I had him on for a few minutes. He jumped 3 times, demonstrating his power and size. I was determined to keep him out of the middle of the river, so I held the rod sideways towards the bank and man handled him to the slower water.  He was withing 20 feet of me after a few minutes when he decided to bolt out towards the middle of the stream.  The 6x was simply not enough for this fish: he snapped the line.  Oh well - it was a lot of fun fighting that fish. I worked my way down stream and picked up a few 10 inch browns.
We returned to $3 the following afternoon.  The weather was rough and there were very few flyfishers on the river.  I went downstream again, but stayed on the parking lot side.  I concentrated on the heavy flow; swinging a large girdle bug through the heavy current. I managed a nice bow that took quite a bit of time to land.  This time, though, I had 3x tippet, and got him to hand.  I worked my way down to the large house on the hill and picked up another brown for my effort.  We finished both days with dinner at the Grizzly, which was awesome. Good food and good service.