Monday, June 20, 2016

On the Vise: CDC Golden Stone

Gubna's CDC Golden Stone
This is a variation of a similar fly tied by Charlie Craven.  The above is my first attempt, and I know there are many flaws.  The recipe is as follows:

Hook:    Size 8 stonefly hook
Thread: Hopper Yellow 140
Bead: Gold (prefer tungsten)
Weight: .30 lead free wire
Tail: Pheasant Tail
Abdomen/Thorax/Neck:  Gold dubbing
Collar:  Light dun CDC and brown hackle
Shellback= Pearl tinsel (large)

Segmentation: Black wire (as small as you're comfortable handling)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Worth a try: short trip to the upper toccoa

My parents were in town from Alaska, so I rigged my dad up with a three weight and we took a few hours to fish the upper toccoa in the DH section. Of course, the DH is over, and the water was a little warm, but I figured there might be a few trout in there. We hiked down to the most remote spot on the DH and started fishing.  We only caught a couple, but it was good to throw some line with my dad - something I don't get to do very often.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Toccoa DH Report: 3/27/2016

After going to Church on Easter I wanted to hit the river again.  I had about an hour and I made the most of it.  I was able to wade out to my favorite area on the river.  I immediately got into some fish.  The fly of the day was a frenchie around a size 16. I was actually using a two nymph system to get the fly down, with the frenchie as the bottom fly.  I fished the same set-up for the entire hour. There were some quality fish - I ended up with  about a dozen in an hour, including one that was around 15 inches. I lost a quality fish after a long fight. The fish jumped out of the water 6 times and I just couldn't muscle him out of the current.  He finally jumped a 7th time and spit the hook. With my 4 weight rod and 6x tippet, it was a losing battle.  Still, a great hour of fishing.  Nobody else on the water made it even more enjoyable.  

Friday, March 25, 2016

Toccoa DH Report - 3/25/16

I was able to head over to Blue Ridge after lunch on Friday.  The weather was perfect.  I got to Blue Ridge around 3:30 and rigged up my four weight. I made my way over to the Toccoa DH at the lower end.  There was a guy fishing a favorite spot, so I went downstream a ways. The current was the best I've seen it in months: around 550 cfs.  High enough for some deep runs, but low enough to wade as long as you're careful. Right before I started I chatted with a guide who had just floated the river. He said the fishing was slow, and the only thing working were egg patterns and psycho prince style nymphs.  I got on the river and started with an ultimate warrior - a big prospecting pattern I've been using with a lot of success. For whatever reason, the fish weren't liking what I was offering.  I made my way down river and in spots I normally catch fish, I was getting nothing.  As I worked my way down I switched up to a double nymph rig. On top, I tied on a pink nymph, and then dropped a frenchie on 5x tippet.  My leader was about 12-13 feet long.  I got to a spot and suddenly the fish became active.  I got about 6 to hand, then the fishing slowed.  I got out of the water and went up river a little ways.  I waded across and started high sticking some runs.  High sticking wasn't getting me any fish, so I started casting and dead drifting the nymphs like a streamer.  I ended up with another half dozen to hand, and then called it a day. The fishing was a little slow, but productive nonetheless.   

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Toccoa DH Report

I was in Blue Ridge, Georgia over the weekend and decided to take a few hours and wet a line Saturday afternoon.  The weather was spectacular.  I was planning to head up to Noontootla, but on my way up I couldn't resist stopping by the Toccoa DH.  The water is still really high. I think it was about 1050 cfs - normal safe wading is around 350 cfs.  I managed to get in and over to a shallow run that I like to fish.  I started with a red headed black betty that I tied a short while ago.  Despite the size of the fly, it was quite productive euro style.  After about 10 fish, I wanted to try some different flies. I switched to a Holographic Ultimate Warrior, and surprisingly, caught nothing.  After a few drifts I switched to Frenchie. I immediately caught a few nice bows.  I then switched to a purple zebra midge, tied in the same method as the Hot Spot Blood Red Zebra Midge.   After a few unproductive drifts I dropped a slightly larger PT off the bend of the Midge, and immediately started catching more fish.  As I mentioned earlier, the weather was outstanding - probably around 55 degrees, but the water was cold. My feet started to get numb, and I didn't want to be on the water once the sun went down, so I made my way back to shore and called it a good day.